El General en su Laberinto (Novela) (Spanish Edition)

El General en su Laberinto (Novela) (Spanish Edition)

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Author: Garcia Marquez, Gabriel

Edition: 1a ed


  • Novela Latinoamericana
  • Narrativa
  • Gabriel García Márquez
  • Bolívar
  • General

Number Of Pages: 285

Details: Product Description This a one of the most important novels written by this author which everyone must read. Review This book is a must for the ones that like Gabriel Garcia Marquez..You can read it and enjoy his unique style... -- Publisher Comments About the Author The author was the Nobel Literature Prizze in 1982 for his novel Cien anos de Soledad..he has written other novels such as "El otono del Patriarca"; "Cronica de una muerte anunciada"; "El coronel no tiene quien le escriba"; "Los Funerales de mama la grande" ; "ojos de perro azul" among other.

Release Date: 06-03-1989

Package Dimensions: 8.5 x 5.6 x 0.8 inches

Languages: Spanish

Binding: Hardcover

Weight: 0.85 lbs

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